John Henry Rochell, 35th Alabama Infantry

Great gfather’s unit 35th Alabama fought at Franklin… John Henry G. Rochell, Elkmont, Limestone County,AL. He was spared carnage since he died in Mar.,1864. Franklin just about finished the 35th.

John McGavock’s wife Carrie was from Ducros Plantation between Schreiver and Thibodaux, LA. Pass by the home often. Has been renovated several times in last 43 years. My wife’s family rented from two Winder sisters…in the 1950’s and into 1960’s.

Never realized how extensive battle became. Hard to believe why a frontal assault was made by Confederate forces! Any consequences for CSA commanders?

Any ideas of tracking ggfather’s place of death/ burial?

Thank you for your efforts to preserve history and pass it along.

John R. Rochelle (RET.), 1999
Professor of History
University of Louisiana System

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1 Response to John Henry Rochell, 35th Alabama Infantry

  1. Jami Rochelle Daniel says:

    My great great grandfather was Eli S. Rochell. He was a brother of John Henry Rochell your great grandfather. Eli fought for the 35th Alabama infantry, Company “G”. Eli also lived in Limestone County, Alabama. Thank you for posting about John Henry Rochell.
    Jami Rochelle Daniel

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