George Garner, Jr. 11th Indiana Cav

George Garner, Jr. is my great-grandfather. He was born and died in Wabash, Indiana. His date of birth is 8/17/1844 and his death is 2/20/1923. I don’t have any pictures of him, but would love a picture even within a large group.

This is the information that I have:

George Garner, Jr.(1844-1923), served in the Civil War. He served the Union as an Indiana Volunteer in the Indiana L. Co. 11th Cavalry Regiment from January 1864-September 1865. His regiment was sent to Jackson County, Alabama in May of 1864. In September, they fought a battle at Bellefonte, Alabama. In November, they moved north into Tennessee, and were involved in the Battle of Franklin and the Battle of Nashville under the command of Major General James Wilson. During the Battle of Nashville, they served as dismounted cavalry in repulsing the attacks of the Confederate cavalry who were under the command of General Forrest. They were also involved with the battles at Columbia and Pulaski in Tennessee a few days after. They returned to Alabama and moved into Mississippi until May of 1865. They were moved from Mississippi to Missouri, and then on to Kansas. They were assigned duty along the Santa Fe route across the plains until his discharge in June of 1865.

Thank you so much for helping to preserve this history. I look forward to hearing from you.

Marcie Salas

Rick and Marcie Salas <>

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