Calvin P. (Parker) Wilson, Pvt, 42nd Illinois Infantry

Calvin Wilson - Civil War VETFull Name of Soldier: Calvin P. (Parker) Wilson

Rank, Unit served with, ETC.: Served as private with 42nd Regiment Illinois Infantry in Company C

Any Personal information about the soldier that you are aware of: Calvin P. Wilson, son of William “Paddy” Wilson and Susan Boudinot Wilson, was born in OH on February 7, 1846. In 1851 he moved with his parents to Jefferson County, IL. He spent most of the rest of his life in Farrington Township, Jefferson County, IL.

At the age of 18 years at the height of the Civil War, he enlisted in the Union Army on the October 15th, 1863. He participated in the battles of Springhill, TN on November 19th, 1864, Franklin, TN on November 30, 1864, and Nashville, TN on December 15th and 16, 1864. He served his country faithfully for 1 year and 5 days and was honorably discharged at Victoria, TX on October 29, 1865.

In April 1867 my great grandfather was married to Jane Garrison of Wayne County, IL and to this union 8 children was born. One of the sons was my grandfather, William “Willie” G. Wilson born in August 4th, 1880 and died on November 1st, 1918. He married Florence Youngblood who was born on June 25th, 1885 and died on June 24, 1944. They lived in Wayne County, IL. on the “Old Wilson Home Place” and had 7 children. One of their sons was my father, Mitchell Wilson, born on August 27, 1917 and died on February 18, 2008. Our first home was in Jefferson County, IL on the Jefferson County/Wayne County Line. All of my ancestors except my great-great grandfather (Bradford Cemetery) are buried at Garrison Temple Cemetery in Wayne County, IL. My great grandfather married a second time after Jane’s death to Louisa Abbott and to this union 4 children were born. He died on February 24th, 1927 at age 81. He had 12 children, 41 grandchildren, and 32 great grandchildren when he died.

Was he wounded at Franklin? Captured, Missing? Killed?: My great grandfather was not wounded, captured, missing, or killed in the battle of Franklin.

Survive Franklin? Survive the War? My great-grandfather survived all the above Civil War battles including Franklin. He was discharged at Victoria, TX on October 29,1965. He lived to be 81 years old.

Your exact relation? Calvin P. Wilson was my great grandfather.

Burial place: He was buried at Garrison Baptist Church Cemetery in Wayne County, IL. His brother, Horace Boudinot Wilson, built Garrison Temple Church as a wedding gift to his 2nd wife, Sarah Abbot (a young school teacher), whom he married on March 23, 1877.

Any pictures of the soldier: In uniform? Before or after the war? I am including the only known picture of my great grandfather that was taken several years after he was discharged from the Civil War. He would have been a farmer in Jefferson County, IL when this picture was taken. My father told me that he would always ride a big white horse.

Surviving letters, diaries, or documents you are willing to share: The Civil War Soldiers and Sailor System website has information about the soldiers that served in the 42nd and 48th IL Infantry Regiments. My great-great grandfather is number 2566 in the 48th IL infantry regiment. My great grandfather is number 2541 in the 42nd IL infantry regiment.

EMAIL where I can be contacted:

Permission to re-publish your info in a web-based database so others can learn about him, and possibly contact you to ask questions or share info you might desire: I, Jerry Wilson, give you permission to publish my information and make any desired changes and/or corrections in a web-based database. I would like to learn more about my great-grandfather and the battle of Franklin. It is okay or others to contact me.

I am so happy that I found this great Website that was created about the Battle of Franklin in the Civil War. I am very happy to contribute what I know about my ancestors to the website. I intend to spend a lot of time reading your website about the brave men from both the North and South who fought in the Battle of Franklin.

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