Hiram Green Smith, Co F., 16th Alabama Infantry, died at Franklin

My fourth great grandfather, Hiram Green Smith joined the CSA in 1861. although he was a farmer and a Georgia boy born and raised he and his wife moved to Alabama. He enlisted and was in the 16th Alabama Reg. Company F. His rank was Private when he died. He went through Mills Springs, the battles of Shiloh and Perryville, campaigns in Murfreesboro, the battle of Chickamauga and then Jonesboro only to fight and die on November 30,1864 at The Battle of Franklin.

He left behind a wife and eight children. I can not locate where he buried as I doubt he was shipped home. I assume that he is buried in McGavock Confederate Cemetery under the Alabama section or under the unknowns. Would love to know if anyone has found out if he has an actual name on his stone or is listed in the book of the dead they kept records in or how I could find this information. Thanks.

Full names of soldier.
Hiram Green Smith

2. Rank, unit served with, etc. 16th Alabama Regiment Company F

3. Any personal info about the soldier that you’re aware of.

Hiram’s name is spelled differently depending on what papers you read. He was born 22 Feb 1827 in Lumpkin county Georgia. He had 8 siblings. He was a farmer and married Elizabeth Patience Landrum around 1850. They moved to Alabama in 1856 and he enlisted in the army there on 12 Aug 1861 in the 16th Alabama Regiment. She returned to Lumpkin county Georgia. They had 8 children.

4. Was he wounded at Franklin? Captured? Missing? Killed?

Killed.He was shot in the forehead. Found by fence or gate by a fellow soldier that had grown up with him.

5. Survive Franklin? Survive the war?No

6. Your exact relation? He is my 4th great grandfather

7. Burial place? Unknown. Believed to be McGavock Confederate Cemetery

8. Any pictures of the soldier: in uniform? Before or after the war? No

9. Surviving letters, diaries, or documents you’re willing to share?

Here is E.P. Smith’s application for widow’s pension. It describes his death and has signed witnesses to his death at The Battle of Franklin.

10. The email address for you to be contacted?Babsnateandjake@gmail.com

11. Permission to re-publish your info in a web-based database so others can learn about him, and possibly contact you to ask questions or share info you might desire? Yes

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