Gottlieb Stadel, Private, Company F of the 96th Illinois Infantry Regiment

My wife’s great-great grandfather, Gottlieb Stadel, was a Private in Company F of the 96th Illinois Infantry Regiment. He was wounded in the thigh on the far right side of the Union defenses at Franklin in Whitaker’s brigade. He was a farmer from Mill Creek, Illinois in Jo Daviess County. He was also on Horseshoe Ridge at Chickamauga, Lookout Mountain at Chattanooga, Nashville, and many of the battles in the Atlanta Campaign with Sherman. At Chickamauga, the 96th incredibly anchored the right flank of Thomas’ position on Horseshoe Ridge for 4 hours, faced odds of 4 to 1, and prevented Longstreet’s repeated attacks from overrunning the Union right flank. Miraculously, he survived the war and returned to Mill Creek where he lived out the rest of his life on his farm.

Ed Sweeney
Waukesha, Wisconsin

Ed <>

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