Benjamin Franklin Langston, Private, 5th Arkansas Infantry, Company C

Full names of soldier. Benjamin Franklin Langston of Warren, Ar.
2. Rank, unit served with, etc.  ( Private, 5th Arkansas Infantry, Company C (5th/13th at Franklin, Govan’s Brigade) Mustered in Warren, AR May 14, 1861 6 weeks shy of 16 yo for state service.  Reorganized for CSA service at Pocohontas, AR July 27, 1861. Reorganized at Corinth, MS into the Army of Tennessee May 12, 1862.
3. Any personal info about the soldier that you’re aware of. Came back from war and taught school around the county, married in 1874, had ten children, started the Methodist Church, became Post Master, Tax Assessor, and Circuit Clerk of Bradley Co. until  death in 1899. Not much about the war except some some notations on where he paid the $2 charter fee for the local veteran’s group for Camp Denson, a letter his son sent to the paper when they were gathering veteran’s stories, a letter after the war to his future wife, the place he lived and worked in Warren and alot about his daughter, Lula, my great grandmother and some of her siblings. So, not much on his war experience unfortunately.
4. Was he wounded at Franklin? Captured? Missing? Killed? Yes, wounded Nov 30, captured December 17th, listed as being in USA Hospital, Nashville the 27, Mar, 1865 and being sent to Camp Chase on April 3, 1865.  He is also a case listed in MSHWR as being 19 when his left leg was amputated at the thigh with the bilateral flap method.  The operation was performed December 1, 1864.
5. Survive Franklin? Survive the war? Amazingly, yes he did.
6. Your exact relation? I am Ben’s great, great granddaughter.
7. Burial place? Oakland Cemetery (July 2, 1845-April 3, 1899), Warren, AR with Civil War marker
8. Any pictures of the soldier: in uniform? Before or after the war? None in uniform. I have a picture of him after the war, I believe it was made about ten years after the war when he got married.
9. Surviving letters, diaries, or documents you’re willing to share?  Just the letter from his son to the paper, The Eagle Demcorat, (which is romanticized a bit and does not answer alot of the questions I’ve had about Ben ), the letter to his future wife, nothing during the war. 😦
10. The email address for you to be contacted?
11. Permission to re-publish your info in a web-based database so others can learn about him, and possibly contact you to ask questions or share info you might desire? Yes, I am especially interested in Camp Chase and his medical records, if any.  I can’t find him on any prisoner list, any release date,and no one in the family ever mentioned him being captured, which is a recorded fact. Family legend tells of him riding an army mule home to Warren after the war. From Columbus, OH???? With an amputated leg???? Wow!
Thank you so much,
Libby Lyon Stracner
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1 Response to Benjamin Franklin Langston, Private, 5th Arkansas Infantry, Company C

  1. libby says:

    Ben mustered in Warren with his two uncles, George and Jesse Langston and 3rd cousin Daniel Langston. Jesse died of typhoid at Dalton, GA, George was wounded at Chickamauga and Daniel was killed at the Battle of Murphreesboro. Ben married Daniel’s little sister, Almeda. Would love any information about where Jesse and Daniel are buried. Also, Ben’s father and George and Jesse’s brother, Daniel Kelly Langston is rumored to have disappeared in 1865 while trying to negotiate his son Ben’s release from prison. This was gleened from the family lore of Ben’s baby sister, Margaret, who was nine when her father disappeared. If anyone can add to Ben’s story, please contact me.

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