William L. Green, Co H., 8th Arkansas Infantry

I am a great-great grandson of William L. Green (1835-1927) who was wounded at the Battle of Franklin.  He was born in Henry County, TN, but grew up in Stewart Co., TN.  He enlisted as a Private in (New) Co. H, 8th. Arkansas Infantry, CSA, at Pocahontas, AR, on 6 Nov 1861.  He was wounded at the Battle of Franklin on 30 Nov 1864 when struck by a grapeshot.  He was captured by Union Patrols at Franklin on 17 Dec 1864.   He was admitted to the USA General Hospital #1, at Nashville, on 29 Jan 1865.  Medical records indicate that he was treated for a simple fracture of the right thigh and hip; his condition was listed as severe.   He was sent to the Louisville, KY prison on 1 Mar 1865; he was transferred to Camp Chase, OH, on 10 Mar 1865; he was then sent to Point Lookout, MD, on 26 Mar 1865.  He took the Oath of Allegiance on 6 Jun 1865 and released.   He walked back to Tennessee.   He arrived at his Stewart County, TN, home on 7 Jun 1866.   He died in 1927.  He was buried in the Laura Furnace Cemetery in Trigg Co., KY. His grave has a government issued marker.  He was featured in Kentucky Ancestors, Vol.44, No.1 (Autumn 2008), p.23.

Roger H. Futrell
Frankfort, KY  40601

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