Three ancestors in the same unit (118th Ohio Infantry): David Klinger

I had three ancestors all in the same company.. My Gr Gr grandfather Daniel Klinger his brother John from my dads side of the family and John Grothaus a Gr gr uncle from my moms side.
They were all privates in co F of the 118th OVI Moores brigade, Rugers div 23rd army corp Armyof the Ohio
All were privates all enlisted in Delphos Ohio Grothaus was from Delphos the two Klingers were from closer to Van Wert Ohio. This area was the southern edge of the Great black swamp and was the lastarea of Ohio settled so most grew up on farms and hunting the swamp. Their captain was a physician in Delphos and had been a German revolutionary.  when the Revolution failed he was imprisioned in Germany. Upon his release he emigrated to Delphos when the war started he wrote that it was the same fight for freedom, and formed a company.  He (Rudolph Reul) was severly wounded outside of Atlanta.  By the time of Franklin the 118th was down to 105 men.  My three ancestors went the distance .  But along the way The brother in law of the Klinger boys was KIA at Mossy creek Tenn.  Aza Zeller pvt is buried in the federal cemetary in Knoxville.  My Grandson is named Aza Klinger in his honor.
All three who were at Franklin came out unscathed and ended the war together in North Carolina.  At Franklin The 118th held a part of the line that jutted out .  Their position allowed them to enfilade the entire front of any attackers who were moving against the front of Moores brigade  and much of the front of all of Rugers Division.
This division was also the division that marched past the confederate forces at Spring Hill.  Moved through the town and drove off Forests cavallry.  At Franklin they held the line from the Carters creek pike to the Locust  grove.They met and repulsed the last of the asaults launced by Bates division.

Dan Klinger is buried in Kings cemetary Van Wert County. I have a photo of Dan as an old man with his GAR pin on.

John  Grothaus is buried in St John’s cemetary in Delphos I have a photo of him in uniform.

John Klinger is buried in colorado.

The GAR post in Delphos is named after Captain Reul.  The post in middle Point Ohio is named after Aza Zeller.  The post in Scott Ohio is named after another118th man.

I wrote a piece on Franklin that was published in the Magazine America’s Civil War.
You may contact me at Mike_klinger@lycos .com 260 636 1209

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