Major Sam Sharp, 31st Tennessee Infantry

1. Full names of soldier.
Major Samuel Sharp
2. Rank, unit served with, etc.
He was a Major with the 31st Tennessee Infantry
3. Any personal info about the soldier that you’re aware of.
A great deal.  He went on to be a successful businessman and banker in Corinth, MS.
4. Was he wounded at Franklin? Captured? Missing? Killed?
None of the above
5. Survive Franklin? Survive the war?
He survived the war.  One of his obits says he was wounded twice and another says he survived the war without a scratch.
6. Your exact relation?
He is my Great Grandfather.
7. Burial place?
Henry Cemetery in Corinth, MS
8. Any pictures of the soldier: in uniform? Before or after the war?
I have a picture taken after the war.
9. Surviving letters, diaries, or documents you’re willing to share?
I have his will and a family history.
10. The email address for you to be contacted?
11. Permission to re-publish your info in a web-based database so others can learn about him, and possibly contact you to ask questions or share info you might desire?
Major Sam went on to become a successful grocer and was the president and founder of the Corinth Bank and Trust.  He lost a brother in the battle at Franklin and had another brother who served in his company. His brother was also a merchant in Corinth and was the postmaster in McNairy county for sometime.  He was known for his kindness and generosity.  I have copies of his will and his wife’s will.  They are on another computer currently be repaired.
He bought land for the Sharp family plot in Corinth, MS and it is in the Henry Cemetery.  Five generations of Sharps are buried there.  It is unique in that it is the only plot with a wrought iron fence around it and it was placed around the plot at Major Sam’s bequest.  Adjacent to his plot in Corinth is his brother’s family plot.
Major Sam owned significant land in Alcorn County Mississippi and in McNairy County, TN.  According to one of his obituaries, he was a friend of Jefferson Davis.  He had 5 children and his son John B. Sharp was my great grandfather.

My grandfather, father, youngest son, and youngest grandson are all named Samuel also.

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