Lt. Samuel Brister, 40th Miss Infantry

Lt. Samuel Brister
40th Regiment, Mississippi Infantry, company D – Confederate
Samuel was born Oct. 21, 1831 in Attala County, Mississippi.  He was the eldest son of Edmond Brister and Mathilda Norman Brister.  Samuel married Annis Lovin Guess (1839-1898) in about 1856 in Attala County, Mississippi.  They had 3 children; Martin, James Wiley & Samuel L.
Samuel Brister was 1 of 6 Brister brothers to fight in the Civil War.

  • Samuel Brister (1831-1864) – killed at the Battle of Franklin in Tennessee

  • William Brister (1836-1863) – taken prisoner at the Battle of Vicksburg 18 May 1863; died of pneumonia on 3 Nov 1863 in Union war prison in Alton, Illinois

  • Edmond Calloway Brister (1838-1912) –   Served in the Confederate Army (Co. D 40th Mississippi) wounded at Battle of Vicksburg, but survived. Fought at the Battle of Peachtree Creek, GA on July 20, 1864

  • Hockaday Brister (1840-1863) – Killed at the Battle of Gettysburg

  • James Walker Brister (1842-1898) – Mississippi 30th Infantry “Dixie Hero” of Attala County, Mississippi

  • Zachariah Reeves Brister (1846-1908) – Lomax’s Battery, light artillery

 I believe Samuel Brister is buried at the McGavock cemetery.  I have attached a picture that includes Samuel’s intials and rank from the cemetery.
Samuel would be my 2nd great-grand uncle. I do not know of any living relatives and have been researching my ancestry for several years.  I have not run across anyone directly related to him.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any other information regarding Samuel Brister but felt his story should be told/included.  It was a horrible time for our country and this particular branch of my family suffered greatly.  There is a story involving the battle of Vicksburg in which 2 of Samuel’s brothers fought in.  The family homestead was located just north of Vicksburg and they would sit on the front porch listening to the shelling and wondering which son/brother was possibly there.  Brother William Brister was taken prisoner at Vicksburg and brother Edmond Calloway was wounded but survived.  Samuel Brister did not survive the battle of Franklin and possibly had a son that he never got to meet.  His youngest son, Samuel L. Brister was born in 1864, most likely while Lt. Samuel Brister was marching to Tennessee.
You are welcome to email me with any questions and I will do my best to answere or find the answers.  Thank you
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1 Response to Lt. Samuel Brister, 40th Miss Infantry

  1. Roger Collins says:

    Thank you for filling in the gaps on 1 Lt. Samuel Brister, I knew i had to be related to him. When you said his father was Edmund Brister, I was able to fill it in to find that he was my 2nd cousin 4x removed. More info on Bristers if this goes through to you.

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