Sgt. John Riley Ellis with First Texas Cavalry, fought at Franklin,Tenn under Gen. Hood.

You can google his name and see his picture and get  some background info. He was born on the Duck River in 1841. His family moved to  Texas and he joined the Texas Calvery when the war started. Served under Gen Sul  Ross, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Gen Stonewall Jackson, John Bell Hood, and several  others.

Wounded at Iuka,Miss and at Chickamauga. His brother was killed at Luka.

I have his entire civil war history, including all the battles that he fought  in. If you have any interest, please contact me. He was my Great Grand Father.  Donald J Allen, email:

” We are told by other members of Company “A” that SGT Riley was “a fine soldierly looking young man who had a frank, open face, which was inclined to brightness.  Actually a handsome individual with long hair; he was quite a character. In all things he showed himself a true soldier.  He rode a stout and very beautiful Red Roan horse that he called “MARK.”

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