George Washington Allison, Pvt, Company K, 50th Ohio Infantry

1.  George Washington Allison

2. Private, Company K, 50th Ohio Infantry

3.  George W. Allison was born in May, 1840 in Ohio and died on April 18, 1917 in Allen County, Ohio.  He first married Mary Mills on November 18, 1860 in Allen County, Ohio.  Their children were William Henry Allison (1860-1940) and John Allison (1862-____).  There may have been other children born to George and Mary, but I have not found any record of more children. Mary Mills Allison died in 1871.  In 1883, George married Rebecca Bryan Wade (1849-1924), widow of Thomas C. Wade (1840-1882) in Ohio.  Rebecca had five children by her first marriage and, after marrying George, had two more children, Rush N. Allison (1884-1959) and Nora Allison (1885-____).  George was with the 50th Ohio Infantry following Hood northward through Tennessee when the 50th merged with the 99th Ohio Infantry at Duck River, Columbia, Tennessee on December 31, 1864.  His Civil War Pension document shows that he served with both regiments and has Rebecca Allison as his beneficiary.

4.  I have found no record that George was injured or captured at Franklin.

5.  George survived Franklin and survived the war.

6.  George Washington Allison is my 3rd great-grandfather.  His son, William Henry Allison is my 2nd great-grandfather.

7.  I have not been able to locate his burial place.  It is presumably in Allen County, Ohio.

8.  I have attached a photo of George Washington Allison taken shortly after his marriage to Rebecca in 1883.

9.  I have attached a copy of George’s Civil War Pension document.

10.  My e-mail address:

11.  You have my permission to publish the information I have provided.  I would be glad to share any info that I have with others who are interested in George W. Allison.

Thank you for creating a place where the history of these heroic ancestors can be documented.

Lauralee Jenkins Gatesville, Texas

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2 Responses to George Washington Allison, Pvt, Company K, 50th Ohio Infantry

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  2. Faye Tackett says:

    I believe this to be our great great grandfather. He did have other children. My great grandfather George McPherson Allison born around 1865, who was married to Francis Ezra Bodenstadt born 1875. They were the parents of my grandfather Harry Wayne Allison born 1899, who married Vera Faye Robinson. They had my mother Bettye Jane Allison.
    George McPherson is buried in New Albany Indiana. The family migration seems to be from Scotland to Pennsylvania to Ohio and then George Mcpherson Allison went to Mauckport and Corydon Indiana where he met my great grandmother who was 10 years his junior. My great grandfather and grandmother were divorced (scandal) and He remarried a lady with two daughters an settled in New Albany. He had no other children.
    We heard stories about the “battle above the clouds” as children. I would appreciate any info you might share. Thank you, Faye Scott Tackett

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