James Madison Greenlee, Pvt, 15th Missouri Infantry, USA

I’m the great-great grandson of James Madison Greenlee who was a private in the 15th Missouri Volunteer Infantry between September 20th, 1864 and June 16th, 1865. He was born May 27th, 1839 in Steelville, MO, died June 23rd, 1892 in Potosi, MO, and is buried at St. James Cemetery in Potosi, MO.

He was married on Christmas Day 1861 at Old Mines, MO to Eliza Jane Glore. They had ten children: William Arthur, Elijah Lisbon, Harvey Albert, James Franklin, Rachael Catherine, Eliza Jane, Andrew Rufus, Samuel Waller, Louis Patrick (my great-grandfather), and John Milton.

I don’t have any photos of him or his wife or any diaries, letters, or any personal items at all. I did re-discover his tombstone, however, and I have a photo of that.


– William E. “Bill” Greenlee III

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One Response to James Madison Greenlee, Pvt, 15th Missouri Infantry, USA

  1. Joy Sweigart says:

    My ggg uncle was Charles F Moran from St Clair Co, Missouri. He along with Capt John Weidemeyer and his brother joined the 6th Missouri in Sprigfield, Missouri in Feb or March of 1863. They fought in the battles from Wilson Creek, Mo, Pea Ridge Arkansas to Vicksburg and on over to Atlanta, Georgia. His unit then headed west and fought in the Battle of Franklin, Tn where he was wounded, captured and in early December 1864 died. I do not know where his final resting place is located, however I do know that once he entered the military he did not return home. He, along with thousands of men, fought for what they believed to be on the right side of an issue. I don’t think that either side really won. There was a lot of sadness on both sides. I do have copies of his service records and will furnish you with copies if you would like to have them for your archives. Should you find anything on him, especially, if you locate his grave, please let me know.

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