Thomas Jefferson Streetman, Company G, 56th GA Infantry

Thomas Jefferson Streetman, Co G, 56th GA Infantry

Mustered in May 1862 at Milton, GA with various relatives. He was paid a $50 bounty.

Captured at Vicksburg July 4, 1863, paroled, re-enlisted.  Served until end of war.  Moved to Tennessee and died there in about 1921.

His Father William G Streetman and several brothers also served.  Uncle, Jehru Streetman, Captain. There were seven men with the last name of Streetman who served in the 56th GA infantry.

He survived the war.

The 56th GA saw action at Perryville, all over Mississippi including Vicksburg, Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, the Atlanta campaign, Kennesaw Mountain, Franklin and the Carolina campaign.

At Franklin in November 1864, the 56th was part of Lee’s Corps, Stevenson’s Division, Cumming’s Brigade. They served with their fellow Georgians of the 24th, 36th and 39th Infantries.

Submitted by Chuck Griffiths, 3G grandson

Here’s some paperwork related to Streetman’s parole

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2 Responses to Thomas Jefferson Streetman, Company G, 56th GA Infantry

  1. Lee Streetman says:

    Nice tribute. Have you been to Thomas’ gravesite in TN? Some fellows from the 56th are buried at Atlanta.The 56th GA Regimental history by Ragnon is good.
    Lee Streetman, Odessa, DE

  2. Sorry to disappoint you, but that photo cannot be of Streetman in the Civil War. That man in the photo is wearing a US Army uniform from the 1890’s- dark blue coat, 5 buttons, and a turn down collar, with US Army insignia pinned to the collar.

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