Turpin Dickson Magee, 46th Mississippi Infantry

Turpin Dickson Magee, Major,  46th Mississippi Infantry

Born Covington County, Miss on February 1, 1824.

His oldest son, Lt Robert Jacob Magee was in the 4th Miss Cavalry.

Raised Co. B, Covington Rebels of 6th Miss Battalion, later to be the 46th Miss Regt.  Appointed commander on the 46th Miss upon the death of Colonel William Clark at Alatoona, Ga,  on October 6, 1864.

Was wounded in the charge at Franklin.

His nephew was Major Robert Jacob Durr,  commander of the 39th Miss,  also of the Sears Brigade.

His service record does not indicate that he was in the hospital and captured when the Union Army came back through Franklin.  This story is written in another officer’s diary.

Major Magee’s family were large land owners in Covington and Simpson County, Miss.  He died on March 13, 1879 and is buried in the family cemetery near Hopewell Presbyterian Church in Jefferson Davis County, Miss.

Major Magee is my gg uncle.

His six brothers were Confederate soldiers,  the youngest, captain Warren Graves Magee,  39th Miss, was captured at Port Hudson and died at Point Lookout May 7, 1864.

Attached is a picture . You have my permission to republish.  I do have quite a bit of history on the Magee Family of Covington County, Miss. Should any additional be required,  please advise.

Ward Calhoun

6045 Windsor Road

Meridian, Miss  39305


Turpin Magee

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4 Responses to Turpin Dickson Magee, 46th Mississippi Infantry

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  2. Margaret Hubbard Van De Graaf, Austin, TX says:

    Turpin Dickson Magee was my great-grandfather. His daughter, Ella Dickson Magee, was my grandmother. She married William Jackson Hubbard. He and Ella had seven children. My father, Dr, Roscoe Conkling Hubbard, was the fifth child. His mother died when he was five years old. My father, Roscoe, married my mother, Pearl Harrison, in Bushnell, Florida. He was the new doctor in town. They had nine children. He died when he was only 48 years old. My twin sister, Caroline, and I, Margaret, and another sister, Lela , are the only surviving children. My twin sister and I, along with our husbands, plan on attending the Battle of Franklin Reunion in October.

  3. Ward Calhoun says:

    My brother and I were there, it was a great event.
    Ward Calhoun

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