Ramon De Aragon, Maj, 9th TX Infantry, Senior surgeon

Another great-grandfather, Ramon De Aragon, Maj, 9th TX Inf, was the Senior Surgeon of Ector’s Brigade. Although Ector’s Brigade was not present during the battle, as the senior surgeon of Ector’s Brigade he would have been involved in the treating of the wounded at the division hospital.

De Aragon was an immigrant from Cuba. His family came into this country through New Orleans. He and one brother moved on to Memphis. Ramon settled in Moscow, Tn, Fayette County, where he married a local girl and became the town doctor.

When the war started he enlisted in the 13th TN Inf as a private. After the Battle of Shiloh he was transferred to the 9th TX Inf as a medical officer. He survived the war and was elected the mayor of Moscow in 1870. Died of “consumption” in Memphis 1873. Below are excerpts from a couple letters he wrote to his wife, Virginia, during the war. Bear in mind that Spanish was his primary language:

Brandon, MS Oct 26, 1863

I am bothered out of my wits on account of furloughs and discharges. I never saw the like before, every man wants a furlough. I do not blame them much …

You know how my heart longs to see you, how truly and devotedly I love you and with what patience and forbearance I bear our separation. You have unmanned me, my own beloved, I am no longer the same man I used to be. I long to stay with you and my mind is continually in the stretch devising means to accomplish that end; yet I have not reached any, have come to no conclusions. I could resign but I know that my resignation will not be accepted. I could ask for a transfer but also the transfer will not be granted. What can I do but just keep on as before?

You are aware that there is no sacrifice I would not do for you, that since we have been married I have faithfully and devotedly loved, cherished, and petted [sic]  you not only as my wife and own Virginia but as my existence, my heart, my all. That all my aspirations, my hopes, my ambition have been concentrated in you and that I never was more happy than when in your company.

We have had and still have clouds in our horizon; yet, our own sky, or rather our own heaven of love has been as pure as the morning summer breeze without a single cloud.


Dear                                                             Demopolis, Ala.

March 21, 1864

Mrs. E. V. De Aragon
My beloved wife. I wrote to you last Friday and again do so today. It has been raining here ever since yesterday morning and is as cold as it can be; yetI have managed to keep warm by digging a hole in the ground inside of my tent and filling it with coals. I went to church yesterday and heard a whole sermon and afterwards got as wet as a rat whilst coming home
Our grand Review was a great affair every thing went off verysmooth without the least disorder or drunkness the whole ground was covered with ladies, good many of them came from Selma. It is reported here that we will leave this place shortly and that our direction will be Meridian. I hope so as I want to come after requisitions every month and by that means see you as usual …”

Robert M. Webb
Pineville, LA


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