Mathew Andrew Dunn, Sergeant, Company K, 33rd Mississippi Infantry

Mt gg gf was Mathew Andrew Dunn.

He was a 5th Sgt with COmpany K, 33rd Mississippi Infantry, Featherston’s Brigade, Loring’s Division.

He was from Amite County, Mississippi. Devout Christian, devoted husband and family man.  Farmed.

Not sure where he is buried, believed to be in Unknown Confederate in McGavock Cemetery.  From information via letters, it appears he was initially buried on the battlefield.

Submitted by George Cowan

Letters and other info related to Dunn:

Widow of Mathew A. Dunn, of the Amite Defenders, 33rd MS, receives condolence letter from fellow soldier:  Letter of Condolence to widow of Mathew A. Dunn | John C. Wilkinson, 33rd Miss, Company K, Amite Defenders | Read full letter

33rd MS soldier – Dunn – was killed on the very land now being preserved by Save the Franklin Battlefield and the Civil War Trust. Read in full


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