Gideon George Garner Co.H, 43rd Mississippi

I have two great grandfathers who fought at Franklin.
Gideon George Garner Co.H, 43rd Mississippi and John Robert Whitesides Co.C, 10th Mississippi.

During the battle of Franklin, Gideon was on the right flank and passed by the Carnton plantation. The 43rd MS was commanded by Col. Richard Harrison. This unit was part of Lieut. General Alexander P. Stewart’s corps, Maj. General W.W. Loring’s division, andBrigadier General John Adams’ Brigade. The 43rd fought in the battle of Nashville and after retreating, they returned to Mississippiand were ordered to advance to North Carolina, and took part in the battle of Bentonville, NC. Gideon returned to his family in Itawamba County were he lived for the next 49 years. He is buried at Shiloh Cemetery in Lee County, MS.

Bill Garner

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2 Responses to Gideon George Garner Co.H, 43rd Mississippi

  1. Jean Middlebrooks Shroyer says:

    Hi, am also a descendant of the Garner family of Itawamba Co.. MS. Submitting a supplemental on all of the Garner brothers who have served during the CSA in this county that connect to Lewis Garner and Mary Stutts. Good to see information on our family that served in CSA from MS.
    Can’t find that my own great grandfather served, George Wilkerson Middlebrooks. May have been too young to have served. No record of service found! Thanks…Jean Middlebrooks Shroyer

  2. Jean Middlebrooks Shroyer says:

    Have submitted UDC CSA applications on Gideon George Garner, Henry Garner, John Garner and Lemuel Lewis Garner (all bros.) 43rd MS Infantry (some). Hope to help others. The UDC applications are on file in Richmond, VA at headquarters. Jean Shroyer

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