Thomas Bible, Capt. Co. C 8th TN Infantry, U.S.

Ok, so this is long overdue, but I just recently found a familial connection (not a direct ancestor, though) to Thomas Bible, Capt. Co. C 8th TN Infantry.  In so doing, I searched the internet for items on the unit and, along with your blog post, I ran across a transcription of a rather blunt diary he kept during the war, which can be found here:

He describes the Battle of Franklin, much more than he does most events, as such:

Nov. 29th.
Regiment relieved by the 12th Kentucky Infantry at break of day; heavy skirmishing and cannonading. At 2 o’clock P.M., under cover of artillery, river banks and vastly superior numbers, the enemy enveloped the 12th Ky. Inf. (with heavy loss) drove them back upon the 16th. Ky. Inf., who charged and drove the Rebel Brigade back to the river; recovering all the ground lost. At dark we marched, passing the Rebel forces at Spring Hill, arriving at Franklin about daylight.

Nov. 30th.
Slept one hour; built breastworks. About 4 o’clock in the evening, the Rebels drove in our Rear Guard and immediatly thereafter the Great and bloody battle of Franklin was begun. /The enemy numbering two to our one. They suddenly burst in upon our center, forcing in one Division of the Fourth Army Corps, who passed through our Brigade. In doing so, the 104th. Ohio (in front of us) gave away and all came rushing back upon us, leaving a breach in the center of our line. We were immediatly ordered to advance and take their place, which was obeyed. Then came the Awful struggle: One volley and then another; then rose the war cry and the clash of arms rose higher. Massed Batteries on our right, poured into their ranks their missles of death until the earth seemed to real, rock and tremble and the ground was strewn with wounded, dead and dying. The Sun hid his face in the smoke of battle until he sank below the horizon and left the awful scene in darkness and Victory to the Union Arms. At
10 o’clock P.M. we quietly crossed the river and fell back to Nashville.

Commodore Perry
E-mail :


Residence was not listed; 22 years old.

Enlisted on 12/1/1862 as a Sergeant.

On 5/10/1863 he mustered into “C” Co. TN 8th Infantry
He was Mustered Out on 6/30/1865

* Capt 12/3/1863

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Kraig!

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