Nathan Corley, CSA

Nathan Corley was killed in the battle,  he is the Great-Grandfather of my wife.  He was buried on the battlefield and disinterred the following Spring by his Father and his Father’s servant (slave) and reinterred either at Gallatin or Hartsville.  His brother John survived the War and supposedly walked home from NC after the surrender.

John’s sword was donated to the TN State Museum in the 1950s, I believe.  John was the son in law of Lt. Col. James Deering Bennet who organized a Cav. Battalion in Hartsville, he fought with John Hunt Morgan in the Battle of Hartsville.  Bennett and Morgan ate breakfast in Bennett’s home (which is still standing) and my in laws have the table that they had their breakfast on.  Bennett died not long afterwards of pneumonia.  I have a book that details much of this information given to me by my wife’s family.  Will post more details if anyone wants them.

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  1. Richard Powell says:

    Any kin to Major-Rev. Sam Madison Corley of the Ark. Cavalry killed at Little Rock 1863. His son was Colonel 23rd Texas Cavalry Reg. John Austin Corley.

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