Brig. Gen. John Adams

I am also a great grandson of Brig. Gen. John Adams. My father was your father’s youngest brother, Charles Thomas Adams. I knew his grandfather was a general of some kind since there was a picture of him in uniform at my grandmother’s (Ida Belle Kinsella Adams) house. After her death, I lost all contact until I was in college. My parents were divorced when I was small and didn’t see my father until I got in college and he attended some of my basketball games. My mother was Dorothy Green Adams. I am the only child. I didn’t know why my dad never saw me, but she later confided to me that her mother told my dad to stay away from me. My mother died last November at age 92, and I found some information about my dad’s family and some of his family letters as we cleaned out her home. I found Ann Gulbreson’s (sp?) web site about the Adams’ families and even visited the battle scene at Franklin, TN. I am very interested in knowing more about my family.

I would like to hear from you and any other cousins I may have. I’m 72, live in Florissant, MO, and married to Nancy Gates Adams and have three children, Maureen Dorothy Adams Becker, Lawrence Michael Adams, and Mark John Adams. We have three grandsons and two grandaughters.

Lawrence Joseph Adams

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