Lycurgus Ashley Stevens, 22nd Mississippi, Company B

1. Full names of soldier.

Lycurgus Ashley Stevens  my great grandfather

August Henry Stevens  his brother

Thomas V Stevens another brother

Calvin Jones Stevens another brother

There was also William Sellman who was the brother in law of 3 of the brothers. Lycurgus married Susan Jane Sellman, August married Phebe Sellman and Calvin married Minerva Sellman.

The Dennis brothers in the same company were either uncles or cousins. One of them died and is in a marked grave at McGavock.

2. Rank, unit served with, etc.

22nd Mississippi Company B

3. Any personal info about the soldier that you’re aware of.

Lycurgus and Augustus moved to Copiah County after the war from Hinds County where they enlisted. Calvin moved to Desha County Arkansas. Calvin was born in 1848 and was only 16 when he joined in early 1864. Augustus went on to serve in the Spanish American War at the age of 54

4. Was he wounded at Franklin?  Captured?  Missing?  Killed?

Thomas V Stevens service records state that he was wounded and captured at Franklin. Family legend state after being wounded, Augustus came to his side and asked Thomas what could be done to help him. Apparently Thomas felt that he would not survive and so told his brother to go home and take care of mother.  Their father had died shortly after the birth of the youngest son Calvin.  I believe another brother was wounded but have been to find record of it.  Another family legend was that one of the brothers was wounded and in a hospital in Arkansas and another brother, most likely Calvin was going to go see him and help take care of him.  A slave owned by a family member insisted on going along because Calvin was so young.

5. Survive Franklin?  Survive the war?

Thomas V Stevens  No record of him in Union prison camp. Family legend is that he died of wounds at Franklin.  I believe he is buried in a unmarked grave at Carnton Cemetery.

6. Your exact relation?

Stated above

7. Burial place?

I have pictures of the graves of Lycurgus (with a Southern Cross of Honor on the gravestone) Augustus and Calvin.  Lycurgus is buried at Bethel Church east of Hazlehurst Mississippi and August is buried at Pine Grove close by. Calvin is buried in Scott Cemetery near Winchester Arkansas.  I am in touch with descendents of all Stevens brothers and William Sellman.  William Sellman is buried near Gallman in Copiah County.  Not sure about the Dennis brother who survived but I may have that info somewhere.

8. Any pictures of the soldier:  in uniform?  Before or after the war?

I have pictures of Lycurgus, Augustus and Calvin Stevens after the war. Not in uniform.


9. Surviving letters, diaries, or documents you’re willing to share?

None that I am aware of.   I do have a picture of the original roster sheet of Company B  22nd Mississippi.

10. The email address for you to be contacted?


11. Permission to re-publish your info in a web-based database so others can learn about him, and possibly contact you to ask questions or share info you might desire?  yes

There were 4 Stevens brothers and at least a couple of cousins in Company B of the 22nd Mississippi.  Lycurgus Ashley, Augustus Henry, Thomas V and Calvin Jones Jr.   Thomas’s record shows that he was wounded and captured at Franklin.  I couldn’t find any records of Thomas being a prisoner and believe he died and is buried at Carnton.   I think this picture was taken soon after the war before Calvin moved to Arkansas.

Gary Stevens

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2 Responses to Lycurgus Ashley Stevens, 22nd Mississippi, Company B

  1. James B Carlisle says:

    LA Stevens is my great uncle. I do not have any info other than what I got from your post. thanks. Sincerely James B. Carlisle Copiah county M.D. 601-754-5733

  2. James B Carlisle says:

    Calvin J. Stevens is my Great Grandfather on my mothers side. Would you please email me any family photos you have. If I can be of any help to you. Please call me at 601-754-5733. I live in. Georgetown Copiah county, Ms. I took photos of both Agustus’s @nd Lycurgus graves yesterday.Thanks again cuz.. J.B.C.

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