Issac C. Clark of the 63rd Indiana Vols

I had two g.g.grandfathers who were in the Battle of Franklin. Issac C. Clark of the 63rd Indiana Vols. and Jacob Barrett of the 9th Indiana Vols. Also many g.g. uncles in this battle.

I have Issac Clark’s diary which includes comments of this battle:

“Nov. 29-30, 1864. We marched all night. Arrived at Franklin, Tenn. in the morning. Here we halted, and built a line of works, and we thought (as the rebels seemed anxious for a fight) that we would try our hand on them at this place, so we made necessary preparations. We had cannon placed along our line of works, about 50 yards apart, besides a number of well fortified forts, containing several pieces of artillery. At 4 o’clock p.m., the enemy came, they drove in our pickets and made a desperate charge upon our works, but were driven back with great slaughter, however this did not satisfy them, and they came again and again until they had made as much as 8 or 10 different charges upon our works. They took a portion of our works at one time, but were immediately retaken by our men; they fought with a desperation worthy of a better cause. The battle lasted 7 hours; we retreated at 11 p.m. Co. D, had one man killed, Co. E., one wounded. The enemy loss was reported at 8 or 10 thousand. Our regt. , had helped build a great many lines of works during the war, but this was the first time that they had the privilege of fighting behind works during a general engagement.”

John Halliday

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2 Responses to Issac C. Clark of the 63rd Indiana Vols

  1. Mike Woods says:

    Wish I had a copy of the diary. GGGgrandson of Jonathan Woods, Pvt. Co. C, 63rd IVI.

    • Matt Hoagland says:

      Hi Mike. I am originally from Covington, In and my great-great-grandfather was in the 63rd too (William Ward). I’ve done a lot of research on the regiment and may even manage to write a history of them one of these days. Here’s some info on your ancestor you may already know. Jonathan Woods enlisted in Covington early in 1862. He was counted as a deserter in October or November of 1862 (there can be lots of reasons for that, including being away with an extended illness) but he was returned to duty 1/6/63. He was wounded in the arm at the Battle of Resaca (Georgia) May 14, 1864. He mustered out with the first four companies 5/3/65. He probably saw action at 2nd Manassas, Morgan’s Raid (summer 1863), the Atlanta Campaign, the Franklin/Nashville campaign, and Wilmington, North Carolina.

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