Francis Marion Cockrell, Brigadier General, 1st Missouri Brigade, French’s Division

Gen Francis M. Cockrell

I have been for the past few years very interested in my family history and Francis Marion Cockrell has definitely been a focal point.  I’ve since located his C.S.A soldier records, newspaper articles, books, etc that have given me a lot of information regarding his involvement in the war.  I am very interested in continuing a discussion of him, or even the battle in general in which I have taken a great interest.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you.  Thank you.

Nathan Cockrell

Name: Francis Marion Cockrell

Rank/Unit:  Brigadier General, 1st Missouri Brigade, French’s Division

Other information:  Francis Marion Cockrell was a lawyer prior to the war before enlisting as a Captain in Co. G, 3rd Regiment of the Missouri State Guard before entering the regular Confederate Army in Co. H, of the 2nd Regiment Missouri Infantry.  He was elected Lt. Col. Of 2nd Mo. Infantry May 12, 1862 and Colonel June 29, 1862.  He fought with his units (but not limited to) atCarthage, Oak Hills, Lexington, Elkhorn, Farmington, Iuka, Corinth, Hatchie Bridge, Grand Gulf, Port Gibson, Bakers Creek, Big Black, Vicksburg (were he was wounded in the hand), Kennesaw Mountain, Allatoona, Tilton and Franklin were he was wounded in both ankles and right arm.  Was captured at Fort Blakely, Alabama at the close of the war.  Went on to become senator from MO from 1875-1905 then served on the Interstate Commerce Commission under Roosevelt until his death on December 13, 1915. {There is a wealth of other information but I will not include it all here as it is too much}

Wounded at Franklin?:  Yes, in both ankles and the right arm. His unit was one of the first to encounter the union position.

Survive Franklin?:  Yes, to rejoin after recovery to rejoin army before being captured at Fort Blakely, AL in April 1865 effectively ending his service in the C.S.A.

Exact Relation:  He was my great great grandfather by direct relation.

Pictures:  There are several pictures available by google search and in several books on the First Missouri Brigade.  I can attempt to scan images in desired.

Surviving letters?:  Only personal letters from later in his life.  I have yet to find anything at my grandfathers in his hand about his war experience.  I did happen upon an article in a newspaper my grandfather had where he had been interviewed about his war experiences.  If I can get a scanned copy I can share it.

My email Address:

Permission granted to share any information that will enrich the historian’s understanding of both my relation and the War.

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  1. Billy Ed Bowden says:

    I am the Commander of the BG Francis Marion Cockrell Chapter 84 in Missouri.
    I would like to hear from any relatives of the General. My email is

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