Lt. Colonel Abram Harris, 14th Texas Cavalry

My GGG Grandfather was

Lt. Colonel Abram Harris

English born and Montgomery County, New York raised, he settled in Ft. Worth,Texas in 1849 after his U.S. Army service in the Mexican American War, becoming an early pioneer of the town.

He enlisted with Johnson’s Mounted Volunteers in North Texas in January of 1862 and served in Ector’s Texas Brigade, 14th Texas Cavalry for the duration of the war .

He survived the war with no major injury, except for a period of about 3 months in 1863 when he was sent to the CSA hospital in Rome, GA for some sort of illness. There he met and married Sallie Logan. My GG Grandmother Jessie Harris, was born in Rome, Ga in 1864.

After the war, he and his family lived in Georgia, then Alabama and eventually he moved his family back to Fort Worth, Texas where he died in 1915.

He is buried in Pioneer’s Rest Cemetery, in Ft. Worth Texas.

Please feel free to publish this, along with the attached picture. It was from a newspaper article on Abram Harris a few years before he died.

I can be reached at the email below. Thank you

Melinda Barnes

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