Robert C. Blakely, Company G, 29th Mississippi

My name is Jack Taylor and I reside in Columbia, Tennessee. My Great, great Grandfather Robert C. Blakely was at Franklin. He was a private with the 29th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, Company G. Records show he was wounded twice during the war and the first time was at Munfordville, Kentucky where he was taken prisoner and treated at the Presbyterian church there which was converted into a hospital in late August, 1862. Blakely was offered the opportunity to surrender but he refused even though he was severely injured. He was eventually exchanged and fought the remainder of the war until the surrender. He walked home to Duck, Hill Mississippi all the way from North Carolina. He was born 25th of January, 1832 and died 14th of August 1879.

Born in 1832 near Grenada, Mississippi to Eli Blakely and Elizabeth (Caffey) Blakely.  Was raised in the Duck Hill, Mississippi area.  Descendants still reside in this area by the dozens. He rests at the Red Hill Church of Christ Cemetery near Duck Hill, Mississippi.

Submitted by Jack Taylor, II

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One Response to Robert C. Blakely, Company G, 29th Mississippi

  1. Kris Blakely says:

    My name is Kris Blakely from Winona, MS. Thanks for the info. I am a Sons of Confederate Veteran, as well a family member.

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