William Allen Martin, Company G, 65th Georgia

I will be bringing my 89 year old Mother to McGavock this month and wanted to find William Allen Martin (her Great-grandfather) of Henry County, VA.  He was a member of Co F, Smith’s Legion  of the 1st Georgia, Partisan Rangers.

Medora Johnson


  • Jacobson has him as a member of the 65th GA, buried in section 80, plot #53.
  • He transferred out of the 1st Georgia on 3/15/63 according to CWD.
  • Born in Henry County, GA (CWD).
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5 Responses to William Allen Martin, Company G, 65th Georgia

  1. Jeanette Treadaway says:

    My husband, Ralph Treadaway, is a direct descendant of William Allen Martin. Lt. Martin was in the 65th GA at the time of his death. He was born in Henry County, Virginia – not Henry County, Georgia. He came to Georgia ca. 1853. He married Clarissa Hicks, also of Henry County, Virginia.
    He was Ensign/1st Lt., carrying the flag when killed. Recently the flag has been found and donated to the Civil War Museum in Kennesaw, Georgia.

  2. John Potts says:

    William Allen Martin was also my grandmother’s great grandfather. I hope you found his grave. My grandmother, her nephew, and her brother visited the grave sit years ago. What I know of William Allen Martin is he was the flag bearer for his regiment I think as he was one of the tallest men in the regiment. He was shot and died at the battle of Franklin.

  3. mary J. GOmsi says:

    William Allen Martin is my great great great uncle on my mothers side. he was a uncle to my great grandmother Martin who marries a Colman.

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