Leftrick Reynolds Powell, Company F, 11th Tennessee Infantry

I have two cousins who fought and died at Franklin:

1. PVT Leftrick Reynolds Powell, Company “F” Eleventh Tennessee Inf. Regiment was either killed at Franklin or mortally wounded. Is buried in an unmarked grave near Cedar Hill between Nashville and Adams, TN.

Both of these men are direct descendants (as am I) of John Bell, Sr. who’s family is the focus of the famous “Legend of the Bell Witch.”

Leftrick (I have also seen it as “Leftwich”) was Elizabeth “Betsy” Bell and Richard P. Powell’s son, and Samandal as he was known in the family was Jesse Bell’s son.

2. PVT George W(ashington) Samandal Bell, Company “E” Oakland Rifles, 29th Miss. Inf

99% certain killed at Franklin. Co. E, 29th Mississippi was in BG William F. Brantley’s Brigade of MG Edward Johnson’s Division, LTG Stephen D. Lee’s Corps at Battle of Franklin. John Bell Hood’s Army of Tennessee.

He was present for the battle, and never returned home, Company “E” was “virtually” wiped out according to records.

Submitted by John C. Cox

John C. Cox
805 Choctaw Drive
Laurel, MS 39440

Mr. Cox: As a long time researcher on the Confederate Dead at Franklin, Tennessee I have some material I would like to share with you on your brave ancestors. Pvt. Powell does have a marker on his grave and I have a photographs of same I would be happy to share with you. Please contact me. Sincerely, Tim Burgess


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5 Responses to Leftrick Reynolds Powell, Company F, 11th Tennessee Infantry

  1. Dr. Todd Cathey says:

    Mr. Cox,

    As the regimental historian of the 11th Tennessee Infantry, I would like to add that Mr. Burgess is correct, Corporal Reynolds Leftrick Powell does in fact have a marked grave in the Batt’s Family Cemetery in Cedar Hill, Tennessee. I have personally visited the grave. He is buried beside his brother-in-law Captain Jeremiah Batts, who was mortally wounded in the Battle of Franklin. While it cannot be proven for certain, there is a great deal of circumstantial evidence, coming from none other than Moscow Carter, that points to Corp. Powell being bayoneted to death on the front steps of the Carter House. I would appreciate very much to have contact with you. I would be willing to share all information I have regarding the Bells of the 11th Tennessee.

  2. John C. Cox says:

    Mr. Burgess:
    Your e-mail will not load.
    Please e-mail me at jay_b_good@msn.com at your convenience.
    Thank you.
    LTC John C. Cox, MSSG (Ret)

  3. Georgialynn says:

    My father Larry Cox has a lot of information on this John

  4. Michelle Miller says:

    Dr. Todd Cathey, Can you please contact me about Leftrick Reynolds Powell, I have some questions that I feel you can help me with.
    Thank you
    Michelle Miller

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