Joshua Denton Phillips, Company A, 16th Tennessee Infantry

Joshua Denton Phillips was a member of Company A, 16th Tennessee Infantry, Cheatham’s Corp, Brown’s Division, Maney’s Brigade.

In winter quarters, after the Battle of Stones River , there was a contest to see who was the best shot. According to Thomas A. Head, in his book “Campaigns and Battles of the 16th Regiment of Tennessee “, on page 100, states ” J.D. Phillips, of Company A, Sixteenth, won the prize, which was a Whitworth rifle, accurate at three thousand yards. They were used for sharp-shooting purposes. Phillips was promoted to 5th Sgt. on January 1, 1863. On his July-August, 1863 Muster Roll, he was Present and on daily duty at General Polk’s Headquarters.

It is not believed he was wounded at Franklin. He survived Franklin, and the war.

The 16th TN was paroled May 1st, 1865 in North Carolina. He is buried in Smithville, TN, at the DeKalb County Cemetery,

There is a picture of Joshua Phillips at 21 years of age. There are three more pictures featuring Joshua, Molly, his wife, and son Sam as a baby. There is a later picture with two children. The last picture we have of him is of Joshua and Molly in the early 1900’s before their deaths. His in 1911, hers in 1912.

Submitted by Andy Maloney
Maternal great,  great grandfather]


Sgt. Joshua Denton Phillips, 16th TN, Company A, Cheatham’s Corps, Brown’s Division from Smithville, Dekalb County, TN. He was a sharp shooter with a Whitworth rifle that he had won at winter quarters near Murfreesboro in 1862.

Submitted by Andy Maloney

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6 Responses to Joshua Denton Phillips, Company A, 16th Tennessee Infantry

  1. Jim Brown says:


    I run a web-site on the 16th Tennessee Infantry on this site I have photos & bios of original members I came across your posting on the Descendants if the Battle of Franklin. In this you talk of your relation and mention you have mention three more photos of him other than the one posted on the 16ths site, sent to me some time ago.
    Is there any chance of sending me the other photos for posting and any info than that which is posted, you have already helped with his middle name as this is whats posted:

    5th Sergeant Joshua D. Phillips
    A Company

    Born on 14 June 1837.

    He enlisted 18 May 1861.

    Won a marksman contest for one of the few Whitworth rifles sometime after the Battle of Perryville, 8 October 1862, while in Middle Tennessee.

    Promoted to 5th Sergeant on 1 January 1863.

    In August 1863 he is on duty at Lieutenant General Leonidas Polk’s Headquarters.

    Served to the end being paroled at Greensboro, NC, 1 May 1865.

    He was to marry Mary Phillips.

    He died on the 14 June 1911 and is buried in the Smithville City Cemetery, TN, as is his wife.

    Jim Brown

  2. Tim Young says:

    Attention: Andy Maloney
    16th Tennessee Infantry
    Dear Sir:
    I saw your post on a Battle of Franklin site, concerning Joshua Denton Phillips. I, also had a grt., grt uncle: Pvt. William F. Grimsley, who was a member of the 16th. He was wounded at the Battle of Perryville: (Oct. 8, 1862). After he was wounded, he wa taken to a field hospital, which had previiously occupied the Harrodsburg Presbyterian Church.

    I would verymuch like to correspond with you concerning the 16th Tennessee Infantry.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Tim Young
    `45 Old Stover Rd.
    Monroe, TN 38573

  3. Tim Young says:

    Attention: Andy Maloney
    Please get in contact with me, concerning research on the 16th Tennessee Infantry &/or the Battle of Perryville.
    Thank You,
    Tim Young
    145 Old Stover Rd.
    Monroe, TN 38573

  4. Tim Young says:

    Please contact me. I am researching the 16th Tennessee Infantry &/or the Battle of Perryville.

    Thank You,

  5. Pat McGinness says:

    My great grand father was Richard Wallace McGinness. He fought for the 16th Tennessee Co. A. He served 4 years and was paroled at the close of the war. He was never wounded. My uncle knew him. He said, he joined at 18 years old and was paroled a at close of the was at 22 years old. Those that knew him said, had a wore out rifle, uniform and horse. And was an old man at 22 years. In these days that we live in ,I can not imagine what his eyes must have seen.

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