J.K. (James Knox) Bivins, Company B, 7th Texas Infantry

My great-great-great uncle, J. K. Bivins, fought in the Battle of Franklin.

J.K. Bivins married Viola “Bee” Cobb (b. 1863)

Aunt Bee wrote a little book entitled “Memoirs”, by Mrs. J.K. Bivins, part of which told about her husband’s time in the Civil War at the Battle of Franklin with General Granbury.  I have attached the pertinent pages for you to read, along with a copy of J.K. Bivins’ obituary.

Aunt Bee Bivins was President of the State of Texas UDC.  She was at the reburial of Gen. Grandbury’s body in Granbury, TX and was given a memento for the UDC in Austin, TX at the time of the reburial–either a lock of hair or a piece of his uniform or both, as the story goes.

Also, a distant cousin on my father’s side, Thomas Key (b. 1832), was in the Alabama Partisan Rangers , CSA.  (AL/13th Bn. Part. Rangers, Co. C/Far. and AL/56th Part. Rangers, Co. G/Far.  My sister, who is the geneologist of the family, thinks he may have been in Franklin, as well.  I have notes for him, if you so desire.

Leah A. Van Driest

My email is plcvd@bellsouth.net, if you require further information.



  • Several of Bivins’ comrades from the 7th Texas are buried in the Texas McGavock section.  Most of the men in plots 30-44 are all 7th Texas boys.
  • Read the Confederate Veterans article on Bivins: see full article.

CWD says:

Residence Pittsburg TX; a 16 year-old Farmer.

Enlisted on 7/15/1861 at Pittsburg, TX as a Private.

On 7/15/1861 he mustered into “B” Co. TX 7th Infantry (date and method of discharge not given) (Estimated day of enlistment)

He was listed as:* POW 2/16/1862 Fort Donelson, TN* Exchanged 9/15/1862 Vicksburg, MS (Estimated day)

Other Information:born 4/13/1845 in Henry County, GAdied 5/23/1921 in Longview, TX
(Married Viola Cobb in 1882) After the War he lived in Longview, TX

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