Henry Pleasant Yarbrough, Company F, 17th Alabama Infantry

My gggrandfather, Henry Pleasant Yarbrough and his brother-in-law, Robert A Croxton, both fought in the battle of Franklin for the 17th Alabama.

Robert was mortally wounded and is supposed to be buried there. The book I have on the history of the 17th Alabama says that Henry stayed behind on burial detail. I know I read about this battle in U.S. History, but after reading it now knowing I had a family member die there, really makes it surreal. I cannot imagine what these few hours were like on that day or the aftermath that followed. I am interested in any information or pictures of graves in the Alabama section. Thanks for a wonderful website and tribute to these men.

When Henry made it to Tupelo, he was furloughed due to illness.  He was paroled in Montgomery, AL in 1865.

He lost another brother-in-law from the 17th (Elijah Minter Croxton) at the Battle of Peach Tree Creek. He lost two brothers in other battles, but I’m not sure which since they were not in the 17th Alabama.  An interesting side note is that I had two great great grandfathers (both on my father’s side) fighting against each other in at least one battle, the Battle at Peach Tree Creek.  The other man fought with the 66th Ohio.

I recently purchased, The Seventeenth Alabama Infantry, A Regimental History and Roster by Illene D. Thompson and Wilbur E. Thompson.   According to the book, the 17th had 76 casualties at Franklin, with four from Company F, my family members’ company.

Submitted by Susan Luckie
Montgomery, AL

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2 Responses to Henry Pleasant Yarbrough, Company F, 17th Alabama Infantry

  1. Martin says:

    My GG Grandfather, Henry B. Bray, also enlisted in the 17th Alabama, in Montgomery, in 1861. His name is on the surrender muster presented to WT Sherman, Greenborough NC 1865.

  2. Martin says:

    Btw..he was in Company F as well

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