Charles E. Hardy, Compnay I, 9th Indiana Infantry

I am a direct descendant of 1st Sergeant, Charles E. Hardy, 9th Indiana Infantry.

I am now living in Colorado and my gggrandfather is buried at Valley Brook Cemetery, Breckenridge, Colorado along with his wife Rachel M. “Bonebrake” Hardy.

1st Sergeant Hardy served more than 48 months and according to his army record he was at Franklin and Nashville.

I do have a picture of Charles (circa 1890) as he had a newspaper in Breckenridge called the Summit County Leader that he purchased in 1884 until 1892. I do know that Charles used a cane (because of a fight he had with the Editor of the Summit County Journal) and is there a way I can find out if he was wounded? Oh-Both gentleman spent the night in jail and were fined!

Thank you for your help.

Susan M. Sclafani

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