Daniel W. Melton, Company B, 7th Arkansas Infantry

1st Lt. Daniel W. Melton, Company B, 7th Arkansas Infantry, captured at Franklin, POW at Johnson Island, Ohio

Melton .jpgDaniel W. Melton enlisted July 25th, 1861, in Smithville, AR, as a Private. He was promoted to Sergeant, April 1862. Elected 2nd Lieutenant May 1862, then elected 1st Lieutenant on June 3rd, 1862. He was captured at Jonesboro GA on September 1st, 1864, exchanged on the 19th. He was again captured at Franklin November 30th, 1864. He survived as a POW at Johnson Island, Ohio, until June 17th, 1865. He died in 1883.

He is my 2X GG Grandfather on my mother’s side. He is buried in Mt Zion Cemetery Briggsville AR.  Submitted by Brian Lambert (left). brianlambe98@aol.com. blam110795@yahoo.com

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1 Response to Daniel W. Melton, Company B, 7th Arkansas Infantry

  1. Gene McCoskey says:

    My great, great, great grandfather was John Calvin Cox, a Private in the Arkansas 7th Infantry. He was born in Tennessee in 1842, moved to Cardwell Arkansas, and joined the Confederate Army on June 17, 1861. He was wounded at Shiloh on April 6, 1862. He was wounded at Missionary Ridge, November 25, 1863 and wounded twice at Franklin, November 30, 1864. He was captured December 17 and admitted to the USA General Hospital, Nashville on December 23rd. He was released from the hospital on February 18th and transferred to Rock Island Barracks. He was released after signing his Oath of Allegiance on June 17th, 1865. Love to have any personal information anyone might have on the Battle from family members. We have the records but no personal accounts of members of the 7th.

    Gene McCoskey

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