James Wilson Speck, Company K, 31st Mississippi Infantry

My great grandfather fought in Co. K, 31st Mississippi Infantry.

He did, in fact, get wounded at the Battle of Franklin. His record says he was “shot with a mini-ball in the right side”.

My gg grandfather volunteered in November 1861 and served until he was wounded. He was 26 years old with four children when he volunteered. He lived until 1931 and died at the age of 96. My 94 year old great aunt tells me that he was super nice man but that he never spoke of the war. I’m sure it was just too awful to recount. He lived with my great uncle and great aunt for the last year of his life, their first year of marriage, from 1930 to 1931.

He lived to be an old man so if he was at Franklin, he did survive. His name was James Wilson Speck. He was actually my great great grandfather. He died in Elk City, Oklahoma around 1930 and he is buried in a little cemetery in a field with about thirty other people near Strong City, Oklahoma. He lived with my great uncle and great aunt for a year when they first got married before he died. My great aunt is still alive and in her early 90’s. She doesn’t remember any stories he may have told about the civil war.


Submitted by Jay McMullan


  • Robert Jenkins of Dalton, Ga. is currently working on a book on the 31st Mississippi Infantry. He has all of the micro-film records from the national archives available. If you have an ancentor who served in the 31st he may be able to furnish you with information on them. If you have any old letters, photographs, etc. He wants to here from you: robert.jenkins@robertdjenkins.com
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2 Responses to James Wilson Speck, Company K, 31st Mississippi Infantry

  1. Cathy Hill says:

    My great-grandfather, W. A. Henley served in Company H of the 31st Mississippi Infantry. I don’t have a lot of information on him, but he is buried at Sapa Cemetery in Webster County, MS. where he died in 1932. He was born in Choctaw County in 1843 to Alexander and Elizbeth Henley. If you have any information on his time in the infantry, I’d love to see it. I’d love to see any information on Company H because I am trying to reconstruct as much of his life as I can.

  2. karen hartley says:

    my great grandfather charles h dudley, was in Company E, 31st MISS, Dido,MISS. Served 9/20/1863- captured Nashville,TN,12/16/1864,died Camp chase, OH Marker#741, 1/10/1865. My maternal relatives lived in Choctaw County, MISS, owned farm land. We have transcribed letters written by my uncle from copies of our grandfather’s letters to his wife (the originals are lost).Karen Hartley

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